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Download e-book for iPad: 101 astuces pour Android by Céline Willefrand

By Céline Willefrand

ISBN-10: 2359323253

ISBN-13: 9782359323252

Apprenez à utiliser les multiples qualités du système Android afin d'exploiter au mieux votre computing device.

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The events and stages of the general adaptation syndrome, and the list of nocuous agents that produce it, were precise and quantifiable. In the 1930s and 1940s, emotions were none of those things; they were considered, by their very nature, unscientific. Methodical quantifiable science would ultimately advance into the realm of the emotions, but that day had not yet arrived. Most conspicuously absent was a demonstrable link connecting the emotions, the stress response, and the brain. I have made the claim that stress begins in the brain, giving the statement the same ring of scientific certainty as the idea that the earth revolves around the sun.

Because the emotional interpretation of the pain as unpleasant took place in a different location from the mere awareness of the pain signal, the researchers concluded that the emotional aspect, or the “affect,” is a separate component of the pain experience. Human beings, of course, have finer, more complex emotions than aversion to pain. The hunter-gatherers, for example, probably worried that they would not be able to find enough food. They would have known the grief of losing loved ones to famine or to a hunt that had gone dangerously wrong.

Here the nervous system, glands, and immune system are brought together and held in balance—or not. When the HPA axis is functioning properly, we have the energy and focus to deal with a crisis. When unremitting stress makes the axis tilt, the result might be an asthma attack or a cold that won’t go away. 24 / The End of Stress as We Know It The HPA axis is responsible for the adjusting phase of the allostatic response. It kicks in when the hypothalamus secretes a substance called corticotropin-releasing factor, which moves through specialized blood vessels to the pituitary, an almond-sized gland at the top of the brain.

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