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New PDF release: A lexical theory of quantification in ambiguous query

By Park J.C.

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8 36 in semantics due to its standard word order, where the modi ed part of a complex object is temporally adjacent to the transitive verb. We need a thorough cross-linguistic study to substantiate this observation, but it is beyond the scope of the dissertation. We have shown that the hypothesis makes a reasonable prediction on the number of available quanti cational readings for a small selected group of English sentences. 3 considers a wider range of English constructions to check the hypothesis.

We need the following notion of c-constituency to simplify the statement of the hypothesis. 4 De nition 1 c-constituency: A string s of words in a language L is a c-constituent if and only if L has a grammatical sentence in which s is coordinated with another string s of words that share the same syntactic function with the string s. 0 For example, both loves and will marry are c-constituents in English as Every man loves and will marry some woman is a grammatical sentence in English. We are not trying to contradict the old belief in the literature that dates back to Ross (1967) regarding the island status of relative clauses.

5 18 correctly predicted to be unacceptable since its NP-Structure representation violates the bound pronoun rule. (20) (a) Everyonei thinks hei is sick. (b) Every mani liked some symphony that hei heard. (c) * Which picture of everyonei does hei like ? Incidentally, since quanti ers in a PP complement position of subject NP are not in a position to c-command pronouns in object NP, the binding relation between such quanti ers and pronouns violates the bound pronoun rule. While this prediction makes sense intuitively, it has occasionally been challenged in the literature.

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A lexical theory of quantification in ambiguous query interpretation by Park J.C.

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