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Read e-book online African Grey Parrots: All About Nutrition, Training, Care, PDF

By Erika Busecan

ISBN-10: 1508965773

ISBN-13: 9781508965770

"African gray Parrots:All approximately Nutrition,Training,Care,Diseases And Treatments..."paperback edition,200 pages,colored sleek cover,black and white inside. for those who do not personal but a chook and also you are looking to buy one, otherwise you have already got one and need to profit extra attention-grabbing issues approximately them like, the way to comprehend your parrot`s habit to prevent scenario of biting, the way to comprehend your parrot`s physique language, tips to educate them to speak, what steps you need to keep on with in case your chicken is escaping and also you are looking to deliver it again, tips on how to hand feed a toddler parrot, easy methods to realize the irregular droppings of your chook, the way to administer drugs in your parrot, the right way to aid your poultry while injuries take place, the right way to support your parrot while it has trouble in offering the eggs (the retention of the egg) and lots more and plenty even more, then this booklet might be attention-grabbing for you. advent unique birds-parrots Congo African gray parrots Description parts of Congo African gray parrot personality Lifespan easy methods to select the fitting fowl common standards easy methods to buy a fit chicken find out how to confirm the parrot`s gender existence with cage birds getting ready your place for the hot arrived parrot The transportation of the parrots the hot arrived parrot`s nutrition the best way to teach your parrot speaking and coaching the right way to train your parrot to not chew learn how to detect your parrot`s physique language chilly season, scorching season easy methods to care of your chook in chilly season the best way to care of your poultry in sizzling season Cages and components Cage place Cages Aviaries Roofing Toys and components the most nutrition of Congo African gray parrots cleansing your parrot`s condo Breeding The anatomy of Congo African gray parrots respiration organs Digestive elements Urinary tract organs Genital organs The eyes The ears Molting tension bars easy methods to preserve your parrot`s health and wellbeing the 1st signal of disorder Few advices approximately find out how to preserve your parrot fit find out how to realize the irregular droppings Feather determining and self-mutilation easy methods to seize and manage your parrot with no hurting it easy methods to select the suitable avian vet What if you happen to be aware of, should you tell your vet Microchipping your parrot the right way to look after the beak and the nails of your parrot the best way to clip your parrot`s wings Bathing your parrot The distinct wishes of the parrots Flying routines Bedding fabrics the typical lifetime of parrots irrelevant perches What you are able to do in the event that your parrot is escaping from the cage the way to hinder the break out What you are able to do in case your parrot has already escaped find out how to hand feed a toddler parrot find out how to administer medicine in your parrot including medicine in ingesting water including medicine in meals Liquid medicine (Suspensions) Injectable drugs nutrients extra or deficiency First relief package to your parrot Trauma at parrots terrible common situation compelled feeding Parasites exterior parasites Scab at parrots inner parasites epidermis and feather difficulties irritation of the surface (Dermatitis) Xanthomas (Fatty tumors) pores and skin tumors (Lipomas) The urge for food and the digestive approach The poultry does not are looking to consume and drink The fowl eats an excessive amount of while the fowl has diarrhoea Enteritis (Inflammation of the intestines) Gastrointestinal parasites and more...

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You can also determine your parrot`s gender after they've molted once. Males have a firm red tail on the underside or the secondary retrices, and those of the hen are tipped in grey color. Hens usually have a gradual dark to light grey color, from neck to belly, while males have a more uniform grey color in this area. The under tail coverts, which are located under the tail feathers will be edged in grey, while males will have solid red feathers and the males also have a very thin white stripe on the edge.

In this case we don't talk about diseases. For a precise examination you better visit your avian vet. Feather picking and self -mutilation When a bird moves its beak through the feathers making them clean, then we talk about preening. But when the bird starts to pay too much attention to its feathers by pulling them out obsessively, then we talk about self-mutilation. There could be several causes to this problems like: skin diseases, stress or internal diseases. When the main cause is the skin itchiness, among the special treatments prescribed by your avian vet, you can also apply directly on the bird's skin some anesthetic powder.

Birds don't have sweat glands like we do, so they can`t adjust their body temperature. When we perspire, the evaporation of the moisture on our skin cools us. There are several ways in which your bird can drop his own body temperature: - through panting: birds increase their breathing rate, by faster breathing with the beak open. They have dry mouths and while we see them panting, when they`re overheated, they're reacting to the heat and this does not means that they can combat it without our help.

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