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6 Thus, one would expect 'iidanavijnana ' to i o- the term elude (and pe rha ps even to have deliberately been chosen to replace alayavijflana for the purpose of including ) the case of rebirth world-sphere. l onl y . This means that even the Vth chapter of the Sa~dhinirmocanas u tra, of rebirth in spite of expressly touching upon the case in arupyadhtitu, nevertheles s appears to have not yet fully recognized, whatever may be the reason,353 the consequence that alayavijiiana/adanaviJ"nana cannot not and hence ca n - e s s e n t i a 1 I Y , be conceived of as sticking in the body .

Hich obvious ly paved t he way for alayavijiiana to take over this functio n . too. § 3. 11. 2-3 ·11. 11. e.. ordi nary) peopl e form t he notio n of 'I' or 'mine ' or '[ t h is ] I am '. This would ha r dly seem t o go beyo nd canoni cal stateme nts 3? 1 if atmabhciua is taken t o mean t he totality of the psycho-physical co nstituents of personal i i. e. t y, eve r , t he five skandhas . er by tak ing titmabluiva in to a furthe r developmen t s ense of co nst i tuents of personal existence ,;, nly as t hey a r e the r esul t of karmic m", r e precisely, in so far as p r i ma r i 1 y ka rma n .

1-3 . Initfl'itya pl"ati{lthaya) of which, given the necessa ry (viz. conditions object)3 intact sense-faculty and a corresponding sense-perceptions and cognitions arise like waves on the surface of a river or like images reflected in a mirror. 1 substratum distinguished function from Portion of t he VinSg (Hay. 10. ii1ayavijiianats function of biological appr opriation ,3 60 the Pravrtti Portion, in contradi sti nction to the Sal]ldhi nirmoca na siitra, does not, at least not eXPlicitly,361 refer to, l et alone define, alayavijiiana as sticking or hidi ng in the body or in the material sense-faculties.

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